Two Reasons To Invest In Fibre Optic Cabling Installation For Your Small Business

Admittedly, launching a small business involves a multitude of logistics that you need to handle as the proprietor. But one of the most crucial, as it has a direct influence on all aspects of your company's operations, is the internet service. As technology has evolved, you have a range of options that you can consider including DSL, copper cables and optical fibre.

Among these three, copper cable has been the conventional solution but in recent years, fibre optic has proven to be the best type of connectivity for businesses, irrespective of the size. As long as your operations are digitized, it is imperative to invest in an internet service that meets all your needs. Read on to learn why fibre optic cabling installation will help your business maximise on efficiency.

Supreme speeds

In comparison to other internet connections, fibre optic cabling offers unrivalled speeds and this can be accredited to a couple of factors. To begin with, a fibre optic network comprises a multitude of mono-mode fibres. These fibres are designed to carry signals across expansive distances without compromising the speed and this translates into fast internet connectivity.

Secondly, the dedicated fibre optic cables are exclusively used for data transfer, which minimises the risk interruptions from other applications. As a result, your business is assured of minimal downtime from your internet service. These unequalled speeds will also help in promoting productivity and this boosts profits for your company. It is worth noting that the reduced downtime and enhanced speeds also make fibre optic the most reliable internet service for your business.

Superior security

The second reason why fibre optic cabling installation will help make your business more efficient is by keeping all your information secure. One thing some business owners do not take into account is how vulnerable the infrastructure of their internet service is to being compromised. Copper cables, in particular, are not nearly as secure as fibre optic cabling and this will make your company a target, more so if unscrupulous individuals believe that they can profit off your trade secrets.

Fibre optic cabling offers your business superior security in a couple of ways. For starters, the fibre optic network is invulnerable to electromagnetic radiation, making it challenging to hack into. Additionally, if someone was to try and physically breach the fibre optic cabling, the internet service will go down and this stops everyone from accessing sensitive data until your provider restores the severed line.

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